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The Institute of Politics provides roughly 300 fully-funded internships each year across the country and around the world. Internships offer students opportunities to immerse themselves in meaningful, often life-changing work in various public service sectors.

Students placed in summer internships receive a $5,000 stipend to support 8 weeks (320 hours) of internship work.

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ABC News Political Unit Intern

Washington, DC Summer Full-Time

Overview of Organization: At ABC News, the Political Unit Internship offers an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and supervisors, contributing to political story coverage and the maintenance of research files...

Black Rock Group Intern

Alexandria, VA Summer Full-Time

Overview of Organization: The Black Rock Group (BRG) is a strategic communications and public affairs firm led by Michael Dubke, Carl Forti, Brian Jones and Chris Maloney. We have a...

Environmental Law & Policy Center Policy Intern

Chicago, IL Summer Full-Time

Overview of Organization: The Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) stands as the leading environmental legal advocacy organization in the Midwest, driving impactful policy changes with nationwide implications. Their core...

Federal Hall Policy Advisors Public Policy Intern

Washington, DC Summer Full-Time

Overview of Organization: Federal Hall Policy Advisors, LLC (FedHall) offers a bipartisan, bicameral, policy-driven government affairs internship based in Washington, D.C. The firm advocates for leading businesses and associations, focusing...

Grassroots Analytics Summer Intern

Washington, DC Summer Full-Time

Organization Overview: Grassroots Analytics is an innovative firm providing comprehensive support to over 100 clients, offering fundraising, data analytics, and campaign strategy. The organization is deeply involved in digital strategies...

Hispanic Federation, Policy & Advocacy Intern

Chicago, IL Summer Full-Time

Overview of Organization: Hispanic Federation is a dynamic organization dedicated to policy, community engagement, and surveys, actively involved in advocating for and empowering Hispanic communities. The organization's multifaceted approach involves...

NEJ Consulting Development Intern

Los Angeles, CA Summer Full-Time

Overview of Organization: NEJ Consulting is a boutique political fundraising firm working with Democratic elected officials and progressive organizations. We are seeking an intern to support our fundraising operation in...
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