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IOP 24

IOP 24 is a suite of programming, civic engagement and internship opportunities designed for all students — from those casually interested in the 2024 elections to those seeking to work on a campaign, support a cause or run for office themselves.

Speaker Series & Fellows

Each quarter of IOP 24 will showcase prominent speakers coming to campus to update students on the latest from the campaign trail and impart advice regarding what it’s like to run for office or work on a campaign. One of our Pritzker Fellow per quarter will be devoted to pulling back the curtain to show students how elections operate in modern American politics.

Iowa Trek

We're taking students on the road to Iowa to witness the Iowa caucuses up close. Students will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit with local reporters, and party officials to get a sense of the political landscape, talk to campaign officials about caucus strategy, and watch a caucus in action. The application for the Iowa trek is closed.

Super Tuesday Workshops

We're hosting a series of workshops and special office hours for students interested in working on campaigns or running for office themselves. Sessions will focus on helping students understand the campaign landscape and gain tangible skills in data analysis, political strategy, fundraising, communications and more.

Ask Heidi/Ask David

IOP Director and former U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp along with founding IOP Director and political strategist David Axelrod will hold office hours to mentor students interested in running for office or working on campaigns.

The DNC and RNC Conventions

Every election cycle, the party conventions never fail to deliver moments of emotion, inspiration, and accidental comedy. This summer, our students will participate in the action through intensive internships, volunteer opportunities, and free, expense-paid treks to the DNC and RNC conventions.

Students will intern with the conventions and media organizations, attending events, and learning from political leaders, media professionals, and others shaping today’s politics. UChicago students will be at the center of the U.S. political world, and we'll ensure they have the necessary support for enriching experiences.

IOP 24 Internships

We're providing internships for students during the 2023-24 academic year and throughout summer 2024. Students will work with convention planners and media organizations in the lead-up to the party conventions in Chicago and Milwaukee.

UChiVotes and Nonpartisan Voter Engagement

We'll continue to build on our existing voter engagement and education efforts across campus and the region to ensure students are registered and turn out to vote. This includes the work of UChiVotes — our student-led, nonpartisan initiative created to boost voter turnout on campus — and our student-led voter education workshops at Cook County Jail.

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