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Karine Jean-Pierre

NBC & MSNBC Political Analyst & Chief Public Affairs Officer for MoveOn

Karine Jean-Pierre's professional experience has ranged widely from presidential campaigns to grassroots activism, to local politics, to working in the White House. Jean-Pierre is the Chief Public Affairs Officer for MoveOn and an NBC and MSNBC Political Analyst. Jean-Pierre previously served as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Martin O’Malley for President.

In 2014 she was the Campaign Manager for ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Initiate (RFI). Previously, she managed Tish James’ successful campaign for New York City Public Advocate.

In 2011, Jean-Pierre served as Deputy Battleground States Director for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, managing the President's political engagement in key states while leading the delegate selection and ballot access process.

Before joining the re-election campaign, Jean-Pierre served as the Regional Political Director for the White House Office of Political Affairs. Prior to joining the Obama Administration, she worked on the Obama for America campaign in 2008 as the Southeast Regional Political Director; she served the John Edwards for President Campaign in the same capacity.

Jean-Pierre's interests demonstrate her concern for integrity and the human condition. In graduate school, she explored her Haitian roots through documentary film. Later, she worked at the Center for Community and Corporate Ethics and pushed major companies like Wal-Mart to change their business practices. While working in New York, Jean-Pierre served as Press Secretary to Congressmen Anthony Weiner, Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Legislative and Budget Affairs for two City Council Members respectively in the New York City Council.

Jean-Pierre joined the Columbia University faculty in 2014 where she teaches a course at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). She received her MPA from Columbia University's SIPA in 2003.


“Moving Forward: Activism in the Trump Era”

“The stakes have never been higher” - a refrain that is constantly echoed in politics. Yet, for many Americans, it has never felt more true than with the rise of Trump. With even larger stakes, progressive activists have developed bolder, more innovative campaigns. 

Emboldened by a unified federal government and conservative media, President Donald Trump wielded and leveraged power that was unprecedented. Our founders envisioned a President like Trump and put guard rails in place. What they never envisioned was members of an independent branch of government serving as enablers.

With every action by Trump and Congressional Republicans, the progressive movement organized and resisted, creating hope where there once was none, achieving victories in the face of defeat, and producing historic victories in the 2018 midterms. What lessons have we learned from these successes? How do we capitalize on the campaigns of today to move forward as a country? Where do we go from here? 

In this seminar, participants will learn about the campaign, advocacy, and media strategy used to achieve political and policy victories in the Trump era. Led by Karine Jean-Pierre, Chief Public Affairs Officer for MoveOn and an NBC and MSNBC Political Analyst, participants will gain insights on what makes a campaign successful on any level, ranging from White House advocacy to grassroots activism, from local politics to presidential campaigns.

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